Tuesday, September 28, 2010

R&R HOF nominees (!!!)

It must be getting to the bottom-of-the-barrel-dreg-time for the Rock Hall of Fame.  This year's nominees were just announced and Bon Jovi was actually listed as a nominated act (supposedly) worthy of inclusion in the bastion of rock legends.  If they even get close it would absolutely make the Hall a farce and completely take away any imprimatur of legitimacy it holds.  Just because a band can sell tickets to a mass audience doesn't mean it has any musical value whatsoever.  Most of the time the inverse is true.  If you're reaching that many people, generally speaking, it means that what you're dishing out watered-down product.  (Or in Bon Jovi's case, rinsing out).  Also listed as nominees were Chic, Donovan, Dr. John, J. Geils Band, LL Cool J, Darlene Love, Laura Nyro, Donna Summer, Joe Tex, Tom Waits and Chuck Willis.  
Laura Nyro should be  a shoo-in, as should Chic, for their production and influence alone.  Tom Waits will most likely be inducted, although I could never acquire a taste for him, despite the fact that he's written some brilliant songs.  (I like them when they're sung by people other than Tom Waits).  

The fact that a "band" such as Bon Jovi is being nominated while classic acts such as Richard Thompson, The Spinners, Roxy Music, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Moody Blues, Yes, and more aren't in is a joke.  Music is different than sports...you can't quantify greatness sometimes.  It ain't just the amount of records you sell.  

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