Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Love these guys....great band, and unless you live in NYC it's doubtful you've heard of them.  They're a collective of supremely talented musicians and vocalists that live in NYC/Brooklyn.  They all play in other bands or have solo projects as well, as I'm sure the financial realities of being in a band today dictate.  I first discovered them the first time I attended Levon Helm's Midnight Ramble in Winter 2006.  They were unbelievably good, and I've seen them about 8 times since then - pretty much every time they play in the area.  I'll write more about them in another post (they've got a new album coming out soon), I just found this video of them performing the Nina Simone song "See Line Woman" in Banjo Jim's, a tiny bar on the Lower East Side.  I think I might've been at this show too....it was just before Amy Helm (lead vocals) had her baby.  In any event, this place is really small, and the band is crammed into a corner, but obviously like it, as it's their "home" bar and base in NYC.  

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