Thursday, November 18, 2010

Black Dub / Bowery again

Very good Black Dub show last night at the Bowery Ballroom.  Here's a link to a review
I thought the band was very good, but a few of the songs, particularly "I'd Rather Go Blind" fell flat.  
And I couldn't believe it, but Lanois introduced "The Messenger" as a song off his 1st solo album "Acadie", which it is's on "For The Beauty of Wynona", his 2nd disc.  I guess that motorcycle accident rattled his noggin a bit.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

some new music Nov

Lots of good new music recently released.  The new Jamiroquai has a few good singles off their (his) new disc, "Rock Dust Light Star" (also the name of the album) and "White Knuckle Ride", which are the first 2 songs on the disc.  I think it's amazing that the guy is still actually making relevant music, albeit from the same acid-jazz based template he's always used, but now it's a bit more disco.  He looks a bit like Mark Wahlberg in this clip from the great Jools Holland show "Later".

The new Bryan Ferry album "Olympia" is great, his best disc since "Boys and Girls". He's got many guests on the disc, including pretty much everyone from Roxy Music (Manzanera, Mackay, etc), David Gilmour and more, but the sound is late-period Roxy Music, a la "Flesh & Blood" and "Avalon".  Languid, well-orchestrated and heavily produced, it sounds like a return to form for Ferry.  The songs are consistently good, and you'd think the record was made 20 years ago, it could be a follow-up to any of the late-period Roxy albums and early Ferry solo records.  Great stuff.