Monday, June 21, 2010

Gary Shider R.I.P.

Gary Shider passed away last week...legendary guitar player, hugely influential.  I first heard of Shider back when I was in college (early 80's) when I discovered Parliament and Funkadelic, where Shider was  a lead guitarist (along with another classic player, Eddie Hazel, also deceased).  Shider co-wrote and played on some of the best 70's soul/funk music - "Cosmic Slop", "One Nation..." and many more.  Shider was from Plainfield, NJ and before he was in the George Clinton universe (whom he met at  Clinton's barbershop) he played with his brothers in bands backing gospel groups like The Mighty Clouds of Joy.  Parliament/Funkadelic's music was an incredibly original mix of doo-wop, soul, and unusual for black artists at that time they also used heavy Jimi Hendrix/acid-influenced guitar as well, many times within the same song.  Shider really was an original, and another great musician is gone.

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