Friday, May 28, 2010

summer music

Definitely my favorite disc this year (so far), "Antique Soul" from Smoove & Turrell came out of nowhere...I also can't find any info on these guys other than the fact that John Turrell has sung with a number of British soul bands, and Smoove is a DJ.  They're currently on tour in the UK...would love to see these guys live here soon.  Below is another good video I found of them performing "You Don't Know" live....

One EskimO is an act I've written about before...they'll be at Mountain Jam next week.  They're a mellow act that centers on Kristian Leontiou's atmospheric vocals and sparse instrumentation.  The disc is very good, and the single "Kandi" is features a sample of the great 1971 Candi Staton song "He Called Me Baby" (hence the title of the One EskimO song).  Don't ask about the spelling of the band's name, I have no idea why the affectation.  They should be good live, looking forward to seeing them.  

Smoove & Turrell - You don't know - Live from Toni Guth on Vimeo.

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