Monday, May 24, 2010

New Nas/Damian Marley collaboration

I heard the new Nas/Damian Marley collaboration "Distant Relatives", and it's one of the best new records this year.  I've not been a fan of rap since the late 90's, but the songs on this disc incorporate some great music (yes, samples too) and the rapping doesn't overwhelm the music.  Nas delivers some great lines, and Damian Marley's voice is a great complement to Nas' rapping.  Damian Marley sounds so much like his father that (to me) any time he opens his mouth the music carries some imagined seal of Authentic Reggae.   These guys were able to write some good songs (and lift samples of good music) that fit a mid-point between reggae and rap/hip-hop and I was pretty surprised at how good the results turned out.  An uneven record, but some really good tunes from a unique effort.  Best songs: As We Enter, Tribes at War, Count Your Blessings

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