Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ron Lundy RIP

If you grew up in the NYC area in the 70's and listened to the radio, you know who Ron Lundy was.  My source of music when I was a kid was AM radio, and the station that everyone listened to was 77WABC.  ABC played Top 40 (incredible how diverse Top 40 was back then, no narrowcasting, music was either "pop" or "FM") and was everywhere.  I just heard that Ron Lundy ("Hello, love" was his calling card) died on Tuesday.  I associate his voice along with other WABC dj's Harry Harrison, Dan Ingram, Bruce Morrow, Johnny Donovan and George Michael (RIP) with my early childhood in Staten Island.  Another's a link to some audio of Ron Lundy counting down the top 100 in 1975:

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  1. God that makes me feel old. Used to listen to him a lot too during that time period. Definitely the "end" of an era.....