Monday, March 22, 2010

Misc Alberta Cross, Eli Reed, She & Him

New Alberta Cross video out for "Old Man Chicago". Glad to see they're getting exposure, I still prefer the version off of "The Thief and the Heartbreaker" as opposed to the new polished studio disc "Broken Side of Time".

I heard the new cd from She & Him, and I gots to say that I don't like it. I enjoyed the 1st one, it was a good summer retro-pop record that I didn't expect to be good. But where Zooey Deschanel sounded new and endearing on the 1st disc, on the new one her voice just sounds cutesy and it becomes grating. "Twee" is the adjective I read in a review of this record, and I agree. They should call it "Twee & Him".

Good new record coming out from Eli "Paperboy" Reed. He's from Boston, and plays soul, r&b with conviction (for a white soul). Reed favors the Otis Redding school of vocal styles, but also incorporates influences such as James Brown and Clarence Carter. The new record is called "Come and Get It" and it's much more consistent than his last album "Roll With You". Here's a video of the band performing the title track of the new disc acoustically in what appears to be a hallway or near a hotel front desk, I can't tell...the site I got this from is Spanish and as I don't speak the language I haven't a clue the context.

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  1. i love Eli "paperboy" reed! he was in this months issue of Blockparty. heres the link if you wanna see: