Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Allmans 3/16/10

Went to the Allmans show last night at United Palace again.  Sat lower loge center, good seats, overhangs the orchestra.  Completely different vibe last night, not as much energy as opening night of the run.  I had an extra ticket and lost money trying to get rid of it out front right before the show (cost=$150, sold for=$50).  There were tickets available at the box office, so these shows are not selling nearly as well as the Beacon shows regardless of seating capacity.  Hate to be critical of the Allmans, but Gregg was way off last night.  The band sounded good, Derek and Warren were playing well, but something wasn't quite right.  The jams took a bit longer to come together and the pacing was slightly off.  And the setlist had way too many repeats from Thursday night.  These guys don't have a huge repetoire to draw from, but they do have enough songs that they shouldn't be repeating as often as they have been....half (3/6) of last night's 2nd set was played on Thursday (One Way Out, No One To Run With, That's What Love Will Make You Do).  They opened strong with my favorite Allmans opener "Don't Want You No More>Cross To Bear" and then went into "Leave My Blues At Home", also very good.  44 Blues was played much slower than normal, and the band just didn't seem to have the energy level I saw Thursday.  The 2nd set opened with a guest - James "Blood" Ulmer playing guitar and singing...I'm not a fan of his and I thought the set should've opened with a more uptempo number.  Eric Krasno (of Soulive) came out to play guitar on "That's What Love..." and he is not in the same league as Warren or Derek.  (Certainly wasn't Eric Clapton).  On "No One To Run With" Gregg messed up the lines a few times, it was a joke. It sounded like Warren and Derek just wanted to do their solos and get it over with. To make matters worse the security is much too overbearing.  They are constantly patrolling the loge area shining their lights.  Sitting a few seats to my left was some sloppy fat drunk woman gyrating in her seat, and against her boyfriend.  She lit up a cigarette and the security guards (with their flashlights) decended asking her to put it out.  She held the cigarette from her outstretched arm and looked at them asking "you mean this?" while taking huge puffs, it was hilarious.  She did this about 4 times.  Anyway, the whole feel last night seemed to be "next year we'll be back at The Beacon where we belong".  I just think that after so many years at The Beacon they really weren't prepared for the differences at The United Palace.  And the longer they play at UP and see the empty seats in the balcony, the more it reinforces those feelings.  They even played "Elizabeth Reed" last night, but by the time they got to it the night was spent.  Next year.....hopefully.  Set list:

1st Set:
Don't Want You No More
Not My Cross To Bear
Leave My Blues At Home
Midnight Rider
Forty Four Blues
End Of The Line
The Same Thing

2nd Set:
I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline) - w/James Blood Ulmer
One Way Out
Blind Willie McTell
That's What Love Will Make You Do - w/Eric Krasno
No One To Run With
In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed>>JaMaBuBu>>Bass>>
>>Jam>>In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
Southbound - w/Rob Barraco & Eric Krasno

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