Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stoney Clove Lane...what happened?

I first came across this band, Stoney Clove Lane, early last year, around the same time I first heard Alberta Cross. They're 2 Jewish guys (Jeremy Bernstein and Adam Widoff) from the Woodstock area, and they play with a mix of local musicians. I thought their music was a great mix of mellow jamband and Americana, with a little soul to it. Sort of like Loggins and Messina when they made records like "Angry Eyes", they have a rootsy-pop sound. I checked out SCL's website and was able to find their third album "Stay With Me" on some download site. I loved the album and waited to hear more from them....and waited. I couldn't find them listed as playing live anywhere except once in a while in and around Woodstock. They played Mountain Jam last year, and I was excited to see them, but they wound up playing a 3am set and only for the people who were camping. Not really a smart move when you're a new band trying to get heard, but then I was guessing that's what they wanted (to get heard)...until I went searching for them recently. I figured they must've recorded some new material or at least a song or two, but when I went to their site nothing had changed since the last time I visited, which was about a year ago. You could almost feel the cobwebs hanging off the HTML. I checked the "shows" link and the only show listed had already taken place in December. There was no new information, no link to take to me to anything having to do with the band or its' music. I then checked their MySpace page, thinking that maybe because they're from Woodstock and obviously don't get out much, that they think people still check MySpace. Nope, nothing there either. I certainly hope they still plan on making music, but they really need to find a better way to utilize the internet and keep in touch with potential and actual fans. Here's hoping to more music from these guys. I was able to find 2 videos of them on YouTube, this is the better of the 2:

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