Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bad Lieutentant

Bernard Sumner (New Order guitarist) has a new band that's going to be playing a few dates in the US in Spring.  They're called Bad Lieutenant and the album was released late last year.  I thought it had one of the better singles of last year ("Sink or Swim"), and it sounds like a poppier-New Order.  This band sounds a bit more consistent than the last New Order spinoff band, which was Monaco, formed in 1997 and led by Peter Hook, the bass player of New Order.  Monaco was a bit more dance oriented, but the styles of the 2 bands are very similar.  Sumner and Hook have said they won't work together again, so I guess this is as close as anyone will get to seeing New Order (what a great 80's band).  Here's some clips...the video of the single, and a live acoustic clip from a French newspaper interview they did -

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