Monday, January 25, 2010

New Daniel Lanois project

Daniel Lanois has a new band he's put together, called Black Dub. I was able to find a few videos on You Tube, they sound pretty good. I've always liked his music, but recently the quality and consistency he achieved on his first 2 excellent discs was missing. His last album ("Here Is What Is") was a mess and the one before that ("Belladonna") was all instrumental and I use it as background music to help fall asleep (really).  He's playing the Bowery Ballroom on Feb 17th and I'm going to check him out. I last saw him back in the early 90's at Town Hall. The show was delayed an hour because of fire code restrictions...I remember the effects board being laid on top of the last few rows of the orchestra and Lanois arguing with the Fire Inspector. Was a great show nonetheless. He creates moody low key music that's perfect for a venue the size of the Bowery.  The new music is more rock oriented than he's produced recently and he sounds re-energized.  The new band is comprised of Trixie Whitley (Chris Whitley's daughter), Brian Blade, a drummer with serious jazz credentials (as a member of Wayne Shorter's band, among others, including his own Fellowship Band), and Daryl Johnson on bass (played on various Lanois projects, including with Dylan, Lanois, Emmylou Harris and Peter Gabriel) along with Lanois on guitar. (For those unfamiliar with Lanois, he is one of the great producers of this generation, having produced seminal works by U2, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris and Peter Gabriel. He launched a solo career in 1989 with "Acadie" a highly recommended disc). Sounds great....

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