Monday, January 25, 2010


I recently saw the name of this band (Maplewood) and had to listen (for obvious reasons).  They're a new band from Brooklyn, and have released 2 discs so far..."Maplewood" released in '04 and "Yeti Boombox", which was just released last month.  I've listened to their first self-titled disc and thought it was great.  Great harmonies, chiming guitars and very reminiscent of 70's pop music such as America.  The first 4 tracks are killer and it's great end of summer listening, I recommend it highly.  I'm still listening to their 2nd disc, and it hasn't hit me like the first so I don't know if they're a one-hit/disc wonder or's a track from their 1st disc and some info from their site:

Pop Matters declared Maplewood to be “one toke away from the cosmos and harbingers of a movement already afoot. [Their music] makes you want to hit the highway and fly on the ground past the outer limits“. Paste found their first album, which featured guest appearances from members of the Hold Steady and Sparklehorse, to have “a gorgeous, pot-smoking melancholy that perfectly recaptures the easy, breezy sound of vintage FM radio.“ And Newsday proclaimed Maplewood one of New York’s top ten rock bands. Members of Maplewood also play in these bands: Two Dark Birds, Nada Surf, Legendary Oaks and Champale.

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