Monday, January 25, 2010


DSO 11/28/08

Went to see Dark Star Orchestra last week (11/28/08 Nokia Theater). Great show, they performed:

07-07-78 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, Co. (Fri)
1: Jack Straw, Candyman, Me & My Uncle> Big River, FOTD, Cassidy, Tennessee Jed, Passenger, Peggy-O, Music Never Stopped
2: Cold Rain, BIODTL, Scarlet> Fire, Dancin> Drumz> NFA> Nobody's Jam> NFA> Black Peter> Around E1: U. S. Blues E2: Johnny B. Goode

We saw the show from the VIP area upstairs. Great view and sound. The place was packed, I don't think they could've gotten another body in the stage area. The band was tight and sounded really great. Scarlet>Fire was the highlight for me. I don't remember hearing the encores, we must've left early. Got to go backstage and meet Donna Jean Godchaux, who sang a few tunes with the band. Surprisingly she didn't sing on Music Never Stopped. I was told it was because the band decided what she could and couldn't sing on. Whatever. Donna seemed like she was nice enough, but had a million people hovering around her. Someone made bobble head dolls of the whole band. I tried to find a beer backstage and all they had were V-8's and water. Oh well.

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