Monday, January 25, 2010


october updateSaw Crosby-Nash on October 11th at Shea Center in Wayne. Great venue, fairly small. Seats were dead center about 7th row. They both sounded great, Crosby in particular. There was some politics but mostly they just played. The lead guitarist was Dean Parks, who has played with Steely Dan. We missed the last encore, which I figured was "Teach Your Children", wanted to beat the rush and it's not my favorite C-N tune. Here's some of what they played (I can't find a set list anywhere):

“I Used to Be A King”


“Long Time Gone”

“Lay Me Down”

“Dream for Him”

“Grace”/ “Jesus of Rio”


“Deja Vu”

“This Is My Country”


“Our House”

“In Your Name”

“Orleans”/ “Cathedral”

“Military Madness”

“Almost Cut My Hair”

"Wooden Ships”


Saw Donavon Frankenreiter at The Highline Ballroom on October 23rd. Sold out show. He played a great set, but not as strong I thought as the one I saw at Bonnaroo. He also wore this knit funky cap all night, even though it was hot in the venue. The warm up act, Sara Watkins (Nickel Creek) came out and played on a few songs including "Free". Can't find a setlist on this show either, but he played most what you'd think he'd play. He also did a cover of Skynyrd's "Simple Man"...a slow version, it was pretty good.

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