Monday, January 25, 2010


Another good band that's disappeared is Cousteau.  They formed in the UK in 1999 and released 2 excellent albums - self-titled and "Sirena".  A song off their 1st cd was huge - "The Last Good Day of the Year" (unfortunately it got abused by a Nissan car commercial).  I had a chance to see them at Joe's Pub when they toured for "Sirena" and I still kick myself for missing them.  Their sound is a mix of cocktail-rock (a la Roxy Music's "Avalon" / "Flesh and Blood" era) and Scott Walker/Nick Cave-ish vocals.  Very slick and smooth, but it worked.  The main songwriter (Davey Ray Moore) left the band in 2003 after "Sirena" to do production work in Italy....must've really hated the guys in the band to leave a gig like that.  The remaining members re-named themselves Moreau and released a very mediocre album called "Nova Scotia".  Davey Ray Moore is now teaching music production, songwriting and marketing at Bath Spa University in the UK.  I just read that the lead singer, Liam McKahey, just released a solo disc called "Lonely Road" (Liam McKahey and the Bodies).  If you've never heard Cousteau, check out either of their cd's.

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